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cli::YumBaseCli Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is the base class for yum cli.
   Inherits from yum.YumBase and output.YumOutput 

Definition at line 50 of file cli.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def allowedMultipleInstalls
def bestPackageFromList
def buildTransaction
def cleanCli
def cleanHeaders
def cleanMetadata
def cleanPackages
def cleanPickles
def cleanSqlite
def closeRpmDB
def deplist
def depListOutput
def disablePlugins
def displayPkgsInGroups
def doCommands
def doConfigSetup
def doGroupLists
def doGroupSetup
def doLock
def doPackageLists
def doPluginSetup
def doRepoSetup
def doRepoSetup
def doRpmDBSetup
def doSackSetup
def doShell
def doTransaction
def doTsSetup
def doUnlock
def doUpdateSetup
def downloadHeader
def downloadPkgs
def erasePkgs
def errorlog
def excludeNonCompatArchs
def excludePackages
def failureReport
def filelog
def findDeps
def format_number
def getInstalledPackageObject
def getOptionsConfig
def getPackageObject
def getReposFromConfig
def gpgKeyCheck
def gpgsigcheck
def handleKernelModule
def includePackages
def infoOutput
def initActionTs
def installGroups
def installPkgs
def listPkgs
def listTransaction
def localInstall
def log
def matchcallback
def parseCommands
def pickleRecipe
def populateTs
def postTransactionOutput
def printtime
def provides
def removeGroups
def reportDownloadSize
def resolveDepCli
def resolveDeps
def returnGroupInfo
def returnGroupLists
def returnInstalledPackagesByDep
def returnPackageByDep
def returnPackagesByDep
def returnPkgLists
def runTransaction
def search
def searchPackageProvides
def searchPackages
def setupProgessCallbacks
def sigCheckPkg
def simpleList
def simpleProgressBar
def sortPkgObj
def updateGroups
def updatePkgs
def updatesObsoletesList
def usage
def userconfirm
def verifyChecksum
def verifyHeader
def verifyPkg
def whatProvides

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _promptWanted

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