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def cli::YumBaseCli::doTransaction (   self  ) 

takes care of package downloading, checking, user confirmation and actually
   RUNNING the transaction

Definition at line 625 of file cli.py.

00625                            :
        """takes care of package downloading, checking, user confirmation and actually
           RUNNING the transaction"""

        # output what will be done:
        self.log(1, self.listTransaction())
        # Check which packages have to be downloaded
        downloadpkgs = []
        for txmbr in self.tsInfo.getMembers():
            if txmbr.ts_state in ['i', 'u']:
                po = txmbr.po
                if po:

        # Report the total download size to the user, so he/she can base
        # the answer on this info
        # confirm with user
        if self._promptWanted():
            if not self.userconfirm():
                self.log(0, 'Exiting on user Command')
                return 1

        self.log(2, 'Downloading Packages:')
        problems = self.downloadPkgs(downloadpkgs) 

        if len(problems.keys()) > 0:
            errstring = ''
            errstring += 'Error Downloading Packages:\n'
            for key in problems.keys():
                errors = yum.misc.unique(problems[key])
                for error in errors:
                    errstring += '  %s: %s\n' % (key, error)
            raise yum.Errors.YumBaseError, errstring

        # Check GPG signatures
        if self.gpgsigcheck(downloadpkgs) != 0:
            return 1
        self.log(2, 'Running Transaction Test')
        tsConf = {}
        for feature in ['diskspacecheck']: # more to come, I'm sure
            tsConf[feature] = self.conf.getConfigOption(feature)
        testcb = callback.RPMInstallCallback(output=0)
        testcb.tsInfo = self.tsInfo
        # clean out the ts b/c we have to give it new paths to the rpms 
        del self.ts
        # save our dsCallback out
        dscb = self.dsCallback
        self.dsCallback = None # dumb, dumb dumb dumb!
        self.populateTs(keepold=0) # sigh
        tserrors = self.ts.test(testcb, conf=tsConf)
        del testcb
        self.log(2, 'Finished Transaction Test')
        if len(tserrors) > 0:
            errstring = 'Transaction Check Error: '
            for descr in tserrors:
                errstring += '  %s\n' % descr 
            raise yum.Errors.YumBaseError, errstring
        self.log(2, 'Transaction Test Succeeded')
        del self.ts
        self.initActionTs() # make a new, blank ts to populate
        self.populateTs(keepold=0) # populate the ts
        self.ts.check() #required for ordering
        self.ts.order() # order

        # put back our depcheck callback
        self.dsCallback = dscb

        output = 1
        if self.conf.debuglevel < 2:
            output = 0
        cb = callback.RPMInstallCallback(output=output)
        cb.filelog = self.filelog # needed for log file output
        cb.tsInfo = self.tsInfo

        self.log(2, 'Running Transaction')

        # close things
        self.log(1, self.postTransactionOutput())
        return 0
    def gpgsigcheck(self, pkgs):

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