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def yum::depsolve::Depsolve::populateTs (   self,
  test = 0,
  keepold = 1 
) [inherited]

take transactionData class and populate transaction set

Definition at line 146 of file depsolve.py.

        """take transactionData class and populate transaction set"""

        if self.dsCallback: self.dsCallback.transactionPopulation()
        ts_elem = {}
        if keepold:
            for te in self.ts:
                epoch = te.E()
                if epoch is None:
                    epoch = '0'
                pkginfo = (te.N(), te.A(), epoch, te.V(), te.R())
                if te.Type() == 1:
                    mode = 'i'
                elif te.Type() == 2:
                    mode = 'e'
                ts_elem[(pkginfo, mode)] = 1
        for txmbr in self.tsInfo.getMembers():
            self.log(6, 'Member: %s' % txmbr)
            if txmbr.ts_state in ['u', 'i']:
                if ts_elem.has_key((txmbr.pkgtup, 'i')):
                hdr = txmbr.po.returnLocalHeader()
                rpmfile = txmbr.po.localPkg()
                if txmbr.ts_state == 'u':
                    if txmbr.po.name.startswith("kernel-module-"):
                    if self.allowedMultipleInstalls(txmbr.po):
                        self.log(5, '%s converted to install' % (txmbr.po))
                        txmbr.ts_state = 'i'
                        txmbr.output_state = 'installing'

                self.ts.addInstall(hdr, (hdr, rpmfile), txmbr.ts_state)
                self.log(4, 'Adding Package %s in mode %s' % (txmbr.po, txmbr.ts_state))
                if self.dsCallback: 
                    self.dsCallback.pkgAdded(txmbr.pkgtup, txmbr.ts_state)
            elif txmbr.ts_state in ['e']:
                if ts_elem.has_key((txmbr.pkgtup, txmbr.ts_state)):
                indexes = self.rpmdb.returnIndexByTuple(txmbr.pkgtup)
                for idx in indexes:
                    if self.dsCallback: self.dsCallback.pkgAdded(txmbr.pkgtup, 'e')
                    self.log(4, 'Removing Package %s' % txmbr.po)

    def resolveDeps(self):

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