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def yum::depsolve::Depsolve::initActionTs (   self  )  [inherited]

sets up the ts we'll use for all the work

Definition at line 38 of file depsolve.py.

        """sets up the ts we'll use for all the work"""
        self.ts = rpmUtils.transaction.TransactionWrapper(self.conf.installroot)
        ts_flags_to_rpm = { 'noscripts': rpm.RPMTRANS_FLAG_NOSCRIPTS,
                            'notriggers': rpm.RPMTRANS_FLAG_NOTRIGGERS,
                            'nodocs': rpm.RPMTRANS_FLAG_NODOCS,
                            'test': rpm.RPMTRANS_FLAG_TEST,
                            'repackage': rpm.RPMTRANS_FLAG_REPACKAGE}
        self.ts.setFlags(0) # reset everything.
        for flag in self.conf.tsflags:
            if ts_flags_to_rpm.has_key(flag):
                self.errorlog(0, 'Invalid tsflag in config file: %s' % flag)

    def whatProvides(self, name, flags, version):

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